Website Hosting

According to one survey of our business Internet habits, 92% of customers will visit a business website first, often not to make a purchase but to find out more about the brand. Alarmingly, 98% said they had decided against purchasing from a business because the website was inaccurate or incomplete, so accurate, informative content is clearly essential if you’re hoping to tempt new customers. A poorly maintained website can be a deal-breaker.

Many small companies manage their own websites. However, many hosting platforms can be slow or insecure if sufficient time and energy isn’t invested in their maintenance. Here are the four main benefits of a managed website hosting service:

1) A Simple Solution
If you’re new to website hosting, learning how to manage the website and optimise its features is likely to be time-consuming, diverting you from other essential tasks. For more experienced web managers and business owners, switching to managed hosting will eliminate the more protracted elements, so you can focus on growing revenue, for example by running several websites for different customers or simply increasing the kerb appeal of your site to target new clients.

2) Expert Technical Support
With managed hosting, you can benefit from expert technical support whenever you need, with fast response times to ensure every query is answered and every problem solved. Without a managed solution, resolving issues will remain your responsibility, which can be challenging if you don’t have technical know-how. Even with experience, it can be extremely time-consuming to restore service when your website experiences problems, whereas a managed solution will get your site up and running quickly while you concentrate on more productive tasks.

3) Robust Security
Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of website hosting, as criminals often target sites to try to steal valuable information. Robust cybersecurity that effectively repels their efforts certainly isn’t for the novice web manager! Established security protocols designed by experienced managed hosting providers are a logical and cost-effective solution, while expert technicians will monitor your website for signs of a cyberattack and take immediate protective action.

4) Scalability
A surge in visits to your website, perhaps in response to a promotion, is always welcome. But, if your site can’t support the increased traffic, causing it to crash, your brand isn’t going to be viewed favourably. Hosted website management can support scalability at peak times by allocating more resources to keep your site online and responsive. A proficient host will react quickly to surges in visitors to give them all a positive browsing experience, something which is hard to do if you’re trying to manage your website alone.

Next Steps
At F1 Support, we provide efficient and dependable managed web hosting for small companies. From managing your domain name renewals to instigating robust security measures to keep cybercriminals at bay, we ensure that your website continues to be your number one marketing tool. To find out more about our managed web hosting services, get in touch on 01483 550930 or you can tact us via our contact form.