Computer Hardware

No matter what kind of business you are starting, there is no doubt that there will be some level of technology involved. Previously, utilising the internet to help your business grow was optional and in a lot of cases a luxury; however, now (especially following the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic) having an online presence and a multitude of technology available for your business is essential.

As such, the investment in hardware and the investment in IT security to look after such hardware will be a mandatory step for any business to take. There will always be a situation where you need help with installing or upgrading your latest software, which is where organisations such as F1 Support are helpful to use. You will also need to consider the hardware you would like your business to utilise. This article will discuss some of the essential hardware products that your business should consider getting.

A Laptop or PC

The first decision you will need to make is what kind of computer you would like to invest in. A lot of the time it will probably come down to personal preference. If you are used to working on a PC, then a PC is the best way to go and vice versa for a laptop. The two options do both come with pros and cons though.

For instance, a laptop offers mobility, which is ideal if you intend on being on the move with your business a lot. This also comes with benefits given the new buzz in working from home that has also been brought on by the pandemic.

That being said, computers tend to be a lot more reliable than laptops. Not only that but they are much more user friendly and don’t require as much upkeep.

A Strong WIFI Connection / WIFI Router

A connection to the internet is going to be absolutely imperative to your business and a good WIFI router will make or break this. When choosing a router, you will also need to consider:

    • Whether or not your business will need to connect to multiple networks;
    • The size and space that your router will need to cover;
    • Whether your business is going to need a VPN (Virtual Private Network); and
    • The level of security that you would like for your connection.

Mobile Devices

Again, these are necessary due to the recent buzz in working from home and also if you plan to be mobile with your business. Where usually a regular office phone will have done the trick, more businesses now will need to offer a mobile phone to their employees to accommodate the new flexible working culture that is coming into force.

An External Hard Drive

If you do not want to store your company’s sensitive information on the cloud or on your PC, then an external hard drive will be crucial. By storing your data on a hard drive you are ensuring that it is secure and won’t have to worry about any kind of data loss if there are ever technological issues or a security breach at your office.


All companies now use technology as a means to help themselves grow, but due to the range of technology available, it can be difficult understanding exactly what hardware is the most crucial for your business. The above list sets out the 4 essential pieces of equipment your business will need.

In order to make sure all of this hardware continues running smoothly and as a means to rectify any potential issues, you should enlist the help of organisations such as F1 Support, who will be able to provide IT Support to your organisation. For further information do not hesitate to request a call back.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels