Simple SEO Strategy

Trying to do marketing for events previously was a lot more straightforward than it is now. Previously, the way that most event organisers would do things would be to, at the start of an event’s marketing cycle, buy new data lists, which had job titles researched to get different names and email addresses. Once these were obtained, emails would be sent out with one objective, to draw as much interest and make as many people as possible aware of the event.

These methods are still used quite frequently, mainly because they can sometimes be effective, but it’s this sticking to tradition that causes lots of different events marketers to overlook different SEO tactics.

Why Don’t People Use SEO for Events?

One of the usual excuses that people give for not engaging with SEO for marketing is because the turnaround is too long. Events have very short marketing cycles, so if people use SEO, they sometimes find that by the time they’ve achieved a rank the event will already have been and gone. People who use this excuse do not realise that a good event will repeat, and so year-round exposure is always helpful.

There is another common excuse used by people who state that there is no search demand for events. The fact is that people go to events as means to obtain information and so all year round, there will be people searching for the same information.

As above, the benefits to using SEO for an event, especially if that event is going to recur, are huge. So, how do you get started? There is a very straightforward SEO strategy for B2B events that you can follow.

The Strategy

The actual strategy you should follow is simple and consists of three easy elements. These are:

    • Ask for your speakers and exhibitors to submit content that people will likely be looking for on the internet and that is related to their field
    • People will very much be likely to comply with this request as those attending the event will want to promote themselves and so will jump at the opportunity to have their content be hosted by another brands site
    • These writers will also likely share what they have written, which is a very positive SEO signal that should help your site rank.

If you have the budget for it, then you should consider hiring an SEO professional who can help edit these articles. You’ll still see results regardless; however, using an SEO professional will mean that the production of the content is done in a way that ensures it’s written to rank and will generate off-page SEO signals once published.


Of course, the events industry has taken quite the hit over recent years and so it is good that we are now in a position to welcome them back safely. When trying to promote an event you should consider utilising SEO, specifically, asking speakers to contribute something to your website.

In doing this, you will naturally need a fully functioning website so that you have a platform for this content. You may want to enlist the services of an IT Support company such as F1 Support who offer a variety of different services such as assistance installing, operation and upgrading your security, and will ensure that people can find out about your event through these SEO practices.

Photo by Tobias Dziuba from Pexels