Managed IT is a growing method of outsourcing your IT support, upgrades, and administration to a remote third-party, such as F1 Support. ICT issues, scheduled maintenance, and user support are all handled by a diverse team of experts in many different areas of technology. Thanks to rolling shifts, IT support can be delivered to you 24-7, at off-peak and difficult times such as weekends or holidays. Instead of a payroll, a fixed fee is paid to the managed provider, yearly or monthly.

It’s great for smaller organisations who might not have the funds, time, or space to house an on-site, round-the-clock IT support team. It can be planned and scaled to whatever level needed, based on what the client wants. Managed IT is also becoming more popular. The challenges posed by COVID-19 have made remotely-delivered help, via email, phone, video messenger, or TeamViewer remote desktop control, more attractive and useful.

Do I Need Managed IT Support From F1 Support?

If you’re a small businesses for streamlined, up-to-date, fine-tuned technology, the answer is most definitely yes. F1 Support provide a selection of services tailored to your support needs.

Troubleshooting And Repairs

If your PC or laptop breaks, we can fix it quickly and without fuss. No need for an office visit or collection, unless it’s a hardware issue. All ‘soft’ repairs take place over an Internet connection via TeamViewer.

Network Management

Need out-of-hours security, traffic monitoring, hacker protection, and routing management? Our network technicians provide dedicated sysadmin duties on a routine, constant, or scheduled timetable.

Remote Cloud Storage

F1 run our own cloud storage and software servers to support our clients. If you need safe, secure, monitored remote storage, we can include it as part of your subscription. We also offer Microsoft cloud services and cloud software packages, particularly MS 365 – Office, as part of our all-inclusive plans.

Installations And Upgrades

If you need to improve or swap out your systems, we can advise you on the best, most cost-effective choices.

Project Management

Planning something bigger than just a few new towers? We also specialise in business IT consultancy and long-term strategic development. Tell us about what you’ve got planned – we’ll outline the best ways you can use our expertise to achieve it.

Get In Touch

With over fifteen years’ experience, F1 Support is the first choice for small businesses throughout Surrey. Call us today to learn more. We’re still open for socially-distanced IT support during COVID-19.

Image Source: Pixabay