International Communications

Workplace communication is vital in all businesses, either within a department or office, between different domestic sites, or even across international borders. Effective communication can improve operational efficiency, eliminate repetition of tasks, streamline workflows, and promote better customer engagement. In short, communication is central to the growth and success of all enterprises.

Fortunately, the growth of new technologies in recent years has facilitated positive working relationships between employees in different offices and, in the case of communication with overseas colleagues, has eradicated many of the problems posed by international borders. How does this affect the type of support you need from an IT services team?

The Challenges Of International Communication

When businesses have overseas offices or partners, communication can be more challenging, particularly if time zone or language differences prevail. An effective international communication strategy is important to prevent avoidable confusion and misunderstandings, focusing on cross-cultural issues such as:

    • How professionals in different countries are addressed.
    • How trust can be established between colleagues.
    • The use of suitable formal or informal language in written communications.
    • Time management, including working around wildly different time zones.
    • An understanding of business hierarchies and responsibilities.

Patience, understanding, and flexibility are all important virtues to have when working across international borders, and it’s just as important for managed IT service providers who are supporting businesses with their IT infrastructure in different countries.

Choosing A Managed IT Services Provider When Promoting International Communication

If your business has an overseas office and you’re seeking a reliable IT service provider, it’s important not to overlook the issue of communication with international colleagues.

With IT driving business growth in many areas, any slippage in provision or inconsistencies can have rippling effects through overseas operations. When choosing an IT partner, ensure that they:

    • Take the time to learn about your business, its unique needs, and the challenges of international communication.
    • Are prepared to work proactively with staff in your overseas offices, or with their IT support teams.
    • Have a commitment to Cloud integration, so that resources can be distributed evenly between your international teams.
    • Can accommodate the nuances of different time zones to deliver a responsive service whenever it is required.

How F1 Support Can Promote Effective International Communication In IT Provision

At F1 Support, we have considerable experience of working in partnership with businesses both here in the UK and overseas. For example, as MAM, a US law firm has confirmed:

‘As the London office of a US law firm, we have been working with Paul and his team for a number of years. They are extremely responsive and work well, not only with the personnel in our London City office, but with the IT team in the US.’

Please get in touch to find out more about how F1 Support can work to support your business in the UK and overseas.

Photo from Pexels