Clean computing is incredibly important when it comes to things running efficiently. This is the practice of maintaining a clean machine, including both hardware and software. By doing this, you will ensure that everything is running more smoothly and will save both time and money in the long run. There are some everyday practices you can do which will help and there are other more in-depth solutions. You will, more than likely, need to enlist the help of an IT security firm.

Cleaning Hardware

There are a few things that you can do in order to clean the hardware of your computer. These include:

    • Dusting off the outside of your computer with a soft and dry cloth. You should make this a habit once a week or so, as that way the problem will not become too hard to handle. You may also want to visit a computer store as they will be able to offer you cleaning solutions specifically for your monitor type.
    • Cleaning your keyboard is another important maintenance exercise. Simply wipe it on the back and dislodge crumbs, or stray hairs and tiny bits of dirt. If you do this, then the prospect of your keyboard getting stuck will no longer be an issue for when you’re typing.
    • Getting rid of dust build-up is one of the best ways to ensure things continue to run smoothly as you will often get a build-up of dust in your computer’s vents, fans and also in the accessories. You should clean this build-up using swabs or, if there is substantial dust then you should consider removing the case of your computer and sorting it out that way.

Cleaning Software

You can clean software yourself, but it is a bit more technical and so you may want to enlist the help of professionals. The options available to you are:

    • Backing up your hard drive is an absolute must as it means if you come across any problems with your laptop or your computer, you can simply get a new one and bring up all the data you’ve lost.
    • Installing antivirus software is very important when it comes to protecting yourself against malware. It can infiltrate your device and end up messing with your data, so it is important to keep your software up to date to prevent this from happening.
    • Updating your software programmes is also very effective as outdated software can also put you at risk of malware. If you keep it updated then you will be able to limit this risk as much as possible.


It is very important to clean both your hardware and software to ensure your computer and technology continues running smoothly. A lot of this is quite hands-on and involves simply physically cleaning your equipment, whereas in other instances you will need to enlist the help of IT companies such as F1 Support who will be able to provide assistance.

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