2 Step Authentication

Most businesses now rely heavily on technology and, as such, they want to secure their electronic devices as much as they possibly can. This can come in several forms, from backing up information into the cloud, uploading it onto hardware or – as we’ll explore in this article – two-part verification. This is easy enough to set up, however, if you want to be sure you have done it right and rest easy knowing that your business’ data is secure, it may be worth your time enlisting the help of an IT management team such as those available at F1 Support.

What is Two-Part Verification?

So, what is two-part verification? You may have heard it being referred to as two-factor authentication and it essentially allows you to add another layer of security to any accounts that you have. This is handy if your password is ever stolen or anybody ever tries to hack into your account.

How Do I Set Up Two-Part Verification?

Setting up two-part verification varies depending on the account that you’re trying to set it up on; however, some of the more popular accounts methods are as follows:

Google Account

If you want to sign in to your account using two-step verification then you are going to need access to something you know (such as your password) and then a device you can link your account to (such as your phone). In order to turn on two-step verification, you need to:

    1. Open your personal or professional Google Account
    2. Go to the navigation panel and select Security
    3. There is a section that says ‘signing in to Google’ which you need to go to and then select 2 step verification and get started
    4. Follow the steps that come on the screen

Microsoft Account

You will no doubt begin to see a pattern with setting up two-step verification, as doing it with your Microsoft account is very similar to the above. Simply carry out the following:

    1. Go on the Security basics page and then proceed to sign in using your Microsoft details
    2. Once signed in, click on more security options
    3. You will see an option for two-step verification, all you need to do is click on set up two-step verification
    4. Follow the instructions that come up on the screen

Apple Account

Finally, in order to set up two-step verification for your apple account, simply follow the below:

    1. If you are setting this up on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to settings, click on your name and then go on password and security
    2. Tap on the option that says turn on two-factor authentication
    3. Click continue
    4. Type in the phone number where you would like to receive the different verification codes whenever you choose to sign in
    5. Click on next
    6. Finally, verify your selected device by typing in the verification code that comes up on the screen
    7. If you are setting up a two-factor authentication on your Mac then go on to the Apple menu, click system preferences and then go to your Apple ID.
    8. Click on password and then security under your name
    9. Go to two-factor authentication and then click turn on


Two-step verification is a fairly straightforward way to make sure your accounts are as safe as possible. It is reasonably simple to set up; however, if you need help with this or any other IT issues with your business, it is worth getting a team such as those at F1 Support on board to help with any issue that may arise. Do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.