Email Servers

Keeping up to date with security is incredibly important when it comes to running your business due to the plethora of online threats that face businesses constantly. It’s for these reasons that so many different organisations opt for the help of IT support businesses such as F1 Support. F1 Support is able to offer a variety of security, including the implementation of private email servers.

A private email server is an email system that is provided by a private server, this allows for better functionality, security and privacy. Most public email providers use their own servers and so any contacts you send emails to will be stored on that server. Though there are a lot of steps taken by these organisations to keep these details secure, there is a higher chance of having data compromised as a result, which is why so many businesses opt to use their own email on a private server.

The Benefits of a Private Email Server

When you or your organisation opts to use a private server, your emails will be stored privately, which will either be stored in a data centre, virtualized in a system in the cloud or on a physical server. Regardless of the form they take, the servers all have an operating system that allows for email services to be sent.

Your organisation would have absolute control over who runs and manages your email system due to the fact these servers are administered privately. The main benefit of this is the fact that your emails are more secure as they prevent people being able to gain access to your business’s emails.

Not only do they offer this security in that your emails remain inaccessible, they also allow for storage and backup services to your data, so important information that you may need to make reference to will be available. You will not be limited to the one email account either with the server as it allows for you to manage multiple accounts from a number of different providers.

The Risks to Businesses That Private Emails Prevent

There is a huge concern with data security in modern business as the threats that face organisations seem to constantly develop. A private server is a good barrier against some of these threats such as phishing emails and other malicious content that could be sent your way. Your private server would not have to be managed by you as there is also the option to have a private hosted server instead.


There are a lot of potential issues that businesses face and their data, the email addresses of businesses are an area of vulnerability that need to be protected against such threats. Organisations such as F1 Support are available to provide your business with a private email or a private hosted email server, which will eliminate the threats surrounding your email address. If you have any questions about the ways that F1 Support would be able to provide IT services to your business, then do not hesitate to request a call back.


Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels