Keep Data Safe

Regardless of how big your business is, whether it’s a major corporation, a new start-up or a medium sized project you’ve been running for some time, there is no doubt that web threats are very much a real thing that you should prioritise. It seems that no organisation is safe from online threats given large businesses such as the NHS, Yahoo and CEX have all been victims to data leakage.

Even though these threats can be quite scary, they’re also avoidable so long as you have the right safeguards in place. This is something you can do yourself but it is always a good idea to enlist the help of an IT Support organisation such as F1 Support, to ensure that everything you’re doing is of the highest possible quality. Regardless, this article will discuss some of the best things you as a business can do to keep your data safe.

Protect Against Malware

If you are able to secure your PC and network against malware then this will be a great step towards warding off any data threats that could come your way. Malicious software can cause huge amounts of damage and if your machine or software is unprotected then malware can take over without you even knowing it.

You should do the following: 

    • Apply the firewall

This isn’t even merely on its own, but it does provide the first line of defence so it’s essential you have it applied and turned on.

    • PC protection

You should look for some protection that will be able to deal with issues such as identity theft, suspect websites and hacking all in one. Good PC protection should not have any impact on the performance of your computer.

    • Keep your emails clean

Anti Spam software is an absolute must have as it protects your business against unwanted emails that could potentially create risks for your employees, this could be because they are a distraction or a phishing email.

Keep your wireless network secure

Hackers are always waiting to pounce onto a wireless network like bees to flowers so you need to beware if you are utilising WIFI (which it’s most likely you will be). You can strengthen your rota by using a strong encryption setting and also by turning off broadcasting, as this will make your network invisible.

Conduct background checks

You should be extra vigilant when it comes to hiring any new employees. Safeguarding against internal threats is just as important as safeguarding against external threats, so by looking into new hires’ backgrounds to understand their history and the kind of person they are is an invaluable exercise.


Due to the developing threats that face every business, being up to date with technology and the security surrounding your businesses data is more important than it has ever been. Though there are different steps you can do to ensure this protection, one of the most proactive steps is to enlist the services of an IT support organisation such as F1 Support. If you would like to discuss what we offer in greater detail then do not hesitate to request a call back and someone will be in touch to speak with you soon.


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels