Remote IT support allows a third party team – such as F1 Support – to monitor your IT hardware systems, storage devices, and software, to manage upgrades and resolve issues, without having to step foot inside your office. Remote IT Support works equally well in decentralised, remote-working teams as it does acting alongside large, established in-house teams. Let us talk you through what’s involved in IT support for small businesses.

What do you do on a daily basis?

On an everyday level, remote IT support works rather like the IT department that you’d find in a larger business. We monitor your networks and systems, looking out for any problems or potential issues. A lot of our work is completed behind the scenes, although there is always the option of onsite support should it be necessary – e.g. if a faulty component needs swapping out or a storage device upgraded with a larger HDD.

We’re also there when you need us for more pressing matters. We offer unlimited remote telephone support from Monday to Friday, as well as online and email support. That means that whenever one of your team is having an IT problem, you can call us and we’ll talk you through the best solution.

What software do you work with?

At F1 Support, we work with a variety of business process applications and platforms, including SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, MS365, MS Teams, Autotask, and more.

Because of this, we know that when it comes to software, one size doesn’t fit all. Everything depends on the particular needs of your company. We’ll work with you to identify the software systems that are right for you, and support you to get the best long term results from your chosen packages.

Can you help us with in-person support?

Yes. We have no additional callout charge for site visits, and we are able to send our experienced team of experts out to help when the situation arises.

Our on-site work will cover emergency repairs, but also upgrades, installation and scheduled maintenance. We can procure and supply you with the IT hardware that you need, at attractive rates and install it for you. In particular, we can offer a great range of refurbed hardware, which is ideal if you’re watching your budget, or are dubious about the reliability of refurbished equipment you’ve sourced independently.

We’ll come and help you in person if you’re relocating your office or IT infrastructure from one location to another, too. When you need a physical presence from a qualified and experienced IT expert, we can supply it. This being said, we find that many routine IT issues, as well as scheduled software upgrades and backups, can be accomplished remotely without the need for an onsite visit. Working with us gives you convenient access to a phone, web chat and email helpdesk, staffed by helpful technicians with in-depth knowledge of a range of IT systems. A lot of problems can be resolved in minutes over the phone, cutting downtime and reducing repair bills.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a support plan depends on the number of devices and users that you have, and the service/ level of support you’re looking for. We offer a range of customisable support plans on flexible contractual terms that can be scaled to meet your needs and budget – our goal being to support you to grow, not to shoulder you with services you don’t need.

Wherever possible, we offer flat flees; for in-person services, we charge in increments of 15 minutes after the first hour to keep your costs down. We’re a small business ourselves, so we understand the importance of flexibility in delivering a personalised service that offers true value.

Got more questions?

Is there anything more you’d like to know? Are you interested in trying remote IT support? Feel free to get in touch with F1 Support to discuss your needs. We’ll find the best way to work with your business to achieve your goals and support your IT infrastructure.