What Is The Best Backup Solution For A Small Business?

In the digital marketplace, every business relies upon data backups. For small companies, this is especially important, as an IT problem can mean escalating downtime with financially catastrophic results. Newer businesses are especially vulnerable to infrastructure failures, with 80% of UK start-ups failing within the first year. What do you need to do to keep your company safe? Read on and see.

Offsite Backup

Many causes of accidental digital downtime happen in the office. Everything from human error to a software glitch can cause problems. Fires, floods, power-cuts, and server mishaps are among the most common reasons for extensive data loss. This is often because data is stored in a single location, leaving it vulnerable.

Offsite backup means having a guaranteed lifeboat in the event of a storm. Using a remote server, the Cloud, or both, ensures that the backup is stored safely away from the disaster zone.

Work With A Small Business Specialist

Small businesses have very different data backup requirements than larger organisations. Whether an established company, a fledgling SME, or a Sole Trader, small businesses need agility, flexibility, and services that reflect a realistic working budget. To receive the correct support, it’s important to team up with a provider that can offer targeted care. For instance, look for a company that will offer call-outs in fifteen-minute segments rather than a standard hourly rate, as this is much more in-line with the practical requirements of small organisations.

Specialist IT support providers are the key to unlocking the full potential of local businesses, especially during times of uncertainty.

Check The Fees

When it comes to service provision, be wary of offers that are too high – or too low. IT support is an industry where investment is vital. This means investing in the latest security software, as well as ensuring that experts are ahead of the game in terms of training and development. IT backup is the frontline of security for your company, and the fees and packages on offer should reflect the skills and expertise required to keep your digital presence safe. When selecting a provider, look for one that is happy to explain the costs in detail, so you know you’re getting the deal that’s perfect for your situation.

Consider Combining A Backup Server With The Cloud

There are many different backup strategies available. One of the most secure options is to combine a fixed offsite server with secondary storage in the Cloud. Data is collected in real-time so that in the event of a mishap, it can be instantly retrieved. Particularly useful for small businesses, the Cloud offers high levels of flexibility in terms of how much storage space is needed.

Ideally, look for a provider who can present a range of options. This not only means that the business receives a tailored approach, but that the backup solution can be adapted as the company grows.

Find Out More

Selecting the correct backup method for your company can seem daunting, especially in a world where data is so precious. It’s always worthwhile having a chat with experts who know the playing field.

For more information, have a chat with one of our IT support specialists today.