Hosted Exchange

Although instant messaging has surged in popularity in recent years, email is by no means defunct and still plays an important role in business performance and growth. While investing in a hosted email exchange service may seem a luxury, a reliable email host, such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange, can offer considerable benefits. Without hosted email, your business may appear unprofessional, while limited storage could restrict your operations and damage productivity.

At F1 Support, we can manage your Exchange emails on Microsoft servers on your behalf, letting you focus on the strategic decisions to grow your brand. So, how could our hosted email exchange service support your business?

Instant Access From Anywhere In The World
Simplicity is key to being able to quickly access your emails, so you can communicate with colleagues, suppliers, or clients whenever you need. With Microsoft Hosted Exchange, which stores all your emails securely in the Cloud, you can read and send email from any device, at any time and from any location, giving you maximum flexibility to run your business on the go.

Robust Security Protects Your Sensitive Communications
When you’re sending emails containing sensitive business data, such as customers’ or suppliers’ information, you will naturally need know they are secure and cannot be maliciously intercepted by cybercriminals. Microsoft Hosted Exchange protects your business from unwanted intrusion, while its award-winning anti-virus and anti-spam tools will eradicate the problem of nuisance communications.

Interactivity Optimises Your Workflow
With Microsoft Hosted Exchange, you’re not limited to sending and receiving emails but can run your business on the move. You can share folders, contacts, and calendars with colleagues, keeping everyone in the loop even when you’re not in the office. ActivSync technology will ensure your entire team views the same information, no matter which device they are using.

Generous Mail Storage
Rather than risk deleting important emails to free up storage space, Microsoft Hosted Exchange offers generous mailbox capacity, meaning you’ll never run short of capacity.

For Hosted Email Exchange, Contact F1 Support Today
If you’re looking for a managed solution to your email needs, contact F1 Support today. Our hosting service on Microsoft’s servers guarantees data security, integrity, and maximum up-time, for reliability and efficiency. With a fixed per-mailbox monthly cost, there are no hidden surprises, helping you to plan your budget. For more information, call us on 01483 694349.