Cloud Backup Solutions

We can host most Cloud services for you – email, website and data storage. Full backup management for both On-site and Off-site storage is our speciality.

Backup Management

The most critical factor for the security of you business is back-ups, let us manage your processes and protection. We can setup and monitor both your on-site and off-site backups, and quickly carry out disaster recovery should the worst happen.

Website Hosting

Full hosting for your websites with easy access for your website designers for updating.

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

Access your files from anywhere with Autotask File Sync. Our partner’s cloud storage provides versioning for maximum data security, easy to use file sharing with both your colleagues and customers, and a program which seamlessly downloads your files, to ensure you have your documents even when offline.

Data Storage

We can encrypt your most confidential and business-critical data and store it in our secure data centre.