Technology Changing

Today, modern businesses operate in a competitive marketplace and need to say abreast of technological change.

The last ten years, in particular, have seen many life-changing advances in computer technology in the workplace. SMEs no longer have to concern themselves merely with laptops, printers and desktops, but also a wide range of smart phones and tablets. And hardware isn’t the only area in which IT has changed. Cloud data storage and cloud-based applications have completely revolutionised how businesses access and manage their software requirements.

Digital natives – the generation who grew up surrounded by modern technology and the Internet – are now key players in the business world, so demand for the latest business software is high. For businesses who depend on advanced software and IT assets, the prospect of managing and updating entire systems can be alarming.

How Managed IT Services Can Support The Transition To Modern Software Solutions

With the Covid-19 pandemic stimulating years of digital transformation in a matter of months, and the behaviour of consumers and clients becoming more digital, all businesses, including SMEs, need to adapt. Working with an experienced managed IT services provider, such as F1 Support, can help ensure that new software and technologies are integrated seamlessly into your business operations, with minimal disruption.

At F1 Support, we believe that understanding the unique needs of your business is central to providing you with suitable solutions that deliver what your clients expect. With years of experience supporting small businesses like yours, we offer:

    • A free IT consultation that evaluates your existing infrastructure and software and recommends update or services that we think may benefit.
    • Rapid, pain-free installation of the latest software to ensure your business can operate competitively, with client-friendly advice to support your staff.
    • Hosted services for platforms such as Office 365, including the migration of data from your existing systems.
    • A commitment to implementing robust security measures to protect your business from cyberattacks, keeping your assets and your data safe.
    • Competitive contracts that don’t tie you in for extended periods, while providing responsive support either on-site or remotely.

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