best video calling apps

As the vaccine is rolled out and the world starts to open up again, there are many aspects of the pandemic that people are looking forward to leaving behind. That being said, many other elements that were introduced due to restricted movement and an inability to leave the house will be kept in place and used frequently by people for both personal and professional reasons. One of these elements is of course, video calling.

These have been hugely beneficial, especially for businesses who had to ditch the office and start working from home. They will likely continue to be used due to the fact that many organisations will be implementing remote working as a permanent measure. Of course, with these newer measures being introduced permanently, we are likely to see more businesses require the IT support of organisations such as F1 Support as well.

The other thing businesses will need to do is decide on which video calling app they want to start using. There are a number of different options and as such, this article will discuss exactly which are the best apps to use for video calling.


Zoom has been one of the most popular apps throughout lockdown as its name very quickly became renowned for videoconferencing across the world. It has always been marketed as a corporate app, which was the case before the pandemic hit; however, though companies picked it up, many individuals also utilised its free feature.

The free version of zoom is still very useful as it allows up to 100 people in a meeting; however, there is only a set amount of time that they can meet as the free version places a 40-minute cap on calls.


Skype is probably one of the more veteran names in this list, as for years it has been one of the go to platforms for one-on-one conversations. Now it is also used frequently for videoconferencing as it allows up to 50 people to meet for up to four hours. There is also the option to create a meeting without actually having to sign up, which has been beneficial for a lot of people using the app who would not make regular use of video calls.

Google Meet

This is an incredibly simple way to have a chat with different colleagues, friends or family (provided they all have different Google accounts). Google Meet is trying to market itself as a better option to zoom and people generally seem happy with the way that it runs.

Microsoft Teams

If you are a part of the office ecosystem, then using teams is probably one of the simplest options for you. Though it focuses primarily on businesses, they have also, similar to zoom, unveiled a free personal version which lets people casually chat.


Though it’s likely as the effects of the pandemic wear off, there will still be a market for video calling apps as more people are used to using them and more businesses are implementing remote working. The options above are some of the best available; however, due to the increase in people who will be working remotely, it’s more than likely your organisation, regardless of its size, will need the help from IT support. You should contact IT specialists such as F1 Support for more information surrounding this.


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