B2B Business to Business Corporate Connection Partnership Concept

The only thing permanent in life is impermanence and nothing highlighted this more than the events of 2020. Everything we knew, both professionally and personally, was flipped on its head. One of the main areas affected in the corporate world was the realm of B2B events. As businesses across the world had to adjust to remote working, the idea of shaking hands and networking in person became a distant memory. Now, even as covid restrictions are as lax as they have ever been, the B2B events landscape is different. This post will discuss the steps you can take to find your footing in this new landscape.

Target Buyers with Personalised Experiences

Now, because large networking events are not as common, marketers will need to sit down with sales teams in order to identify and target the key buyers and accounts they need across channels. This then means that you can drive these buyers’ attendance at networking events and sell to them.

Make the Experience Digital

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep doing networking events over Zoom (people are a little bit sick of that by this point) but regardless there should be digital elements to your B2B marketing. This means that you should create digital touchpoints before and after events depending on their level of readiness. You should try to capture the context of the event and summarise any interaction with buyers in these touchpoints to make their experience more personal. Be sure to enlist the help of IT Support if you have issues creating these digital touchpoints as they are incredibly important.

Govern Your Data to Ensure it is Marketable

The quality of the data you intend on using to market yourself is directly related to your ability to deliver a connected, personalised, digital experience to your buyers. Do you have the right email addresses for them? Is your information on the industry up to date? Are the descriptions of your products and services good enough to capture the attention of buyers? All of this needs to be considered prior to the event.

Connect Your Teams to Orchestrate the Buyer Experience

You can’t just use events with the ideal of one outcome anymore. You should work across a number of channels within your organisation to ensure you are taking a cross-functional approach and reaching the right buyers as a result.

Measure Your Event Performance for Future Networking

Measurement is a critical component when it comes to understanding and improving on your future events and leading to broader B2B strategies. You will be able to work out what went well at the event and what components need revisiting in the future to ensure you are able to capitalise on ideal buyers’ attendance as much as possible.


There are many ways that businesses will be able to navigate the current B2B events landscape, all of which incorporate our new reliance on technology in the business world. To ensure you are able to adjust to this new landscape, you need to make sure you have access to sufficient IT support, such as F1 Support. If you would like any further information on what we can offer your business then do not hesitate to get in touch and request a call back.

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