Managed IT Services

An increasing number of professional service providers are now benefiting from  outsourced managed IT services, not only in overseeing their day-to-day IT needs, but also in helping to shape and drive the growth of their enterprises. Law partnerships and solicitors, too, are enjoying the benefits, investing in reliable IT systems that support a variety of operations within the business.

If your partnership is weighed down by outdated IT systems, or you simply don’t have the time or expertise to manage your IT in-house in a technological landscape that is continually evolving, speak to F1 Support. We provide a responsive range of IT solutions that support your business as it grows, and are customisable to the needs of each client.

Protecting Your Business And Your Clients

A managed IT service can not only help streamline the way you work, with subsequent advantages in efficiency and productivity, but also protect you from the impact of IT issues. As a business entrusted with the confidential details of your client’s lives and legal proceedings, minor IT issues can rapidly evolve into major disasters. Cybercrime, for example, is on the increase among small businesses, fuelled by nationwide lockdowns and remote working, and has the potential to cripple your business before you’ve even realised there’s something amiss. A single malicious email can infect your entire network in seconds and, without managed IT support, there’s little you can do to stop it. The reputational damage to a solicitors firm from even a minor data breach may be difficult to recover from.

Safeguarding Your IT Hardware And Storage Devices

Even without the pervasive threat of cybercrime, many solicitors firms find themselves at the mercy of IT hardware that can, and frequently does, go wrong. Without managed IT support, repair and maintenance bills can quickly reach exorbitant levels. Technicians working on an hourly rate will only intervene once a problem has already occurred, by which time lost revenue is biting, your clients are frustrated, and your brand is suffering serious damage.

The Benefits Of Managed IT Support For Law Firms

Instead of a haphazard strategy that summons help only when things are going wrong, speak to F1 Support about our managed IT services. By taking a holistic view of your IT infrastructure and focusing as much on prevention as treatment, we can help your law firm in several ways:

    • A dedicated support team that puts you in contact with industry experts quickly. From minor IT problems to full-scale disaster recovery, our specialists are ready to assist with any issue that threatens to cause chaos in your business.
    • Robust cybersecurity protocols that reinforce your business and protect you from the invasive efforts by cybercriminals to steal sensitive data. Clients entrust sensitive information to you, so you’ll already understand your obligations under Data Protection law. We install robust security that ensures you’re compliant, monitor the integrity of your data, and keep a check on emerging threats so that your business is safe, 24/7.
    • Access to important files, at any time and from any location. Legal professionals often work remotely, in the courtroom, or at clients’ homes or businesses, so instant access to your documents is essential. We can create a secure Cloud environment that enables you to store all your data centrally, so that your colleagues can pull down any documents they need, from any location and on any device.

Contact F1 Support To Make Managed IT Part Of Your Business’ Growth

To find out more about our managed IT services for solicitors and how they could revolutionise the way you do business, get in touch with our experts at F1 Support today.


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